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RGSS Error, Assistance needed...


I was really excited to play this game, I heard about it a bit, however, when I started the set-up, everything worked fine and etc.  Then when I started the game it pops up a black screen and says "RGSS has stopped working", I'm not sure why it says this.

I've tried re-installing the game, downloading the rgss dll again and replacing it, and I'm currently re-downloading the setup.  Any information that could help me with this would be much appreciated.

I run Windows Vista 32bit (wow, Vista sure has a lot of computer problems, I just recently had trouble playing a game called SCZ -_-)

Heya moonwon. Sorry for the hassle! Hm, yeah, Vista tends to have a lot of compatibility issues. So that error happens as soon as you start the game rather than sometimes during, right? If it's during, restarting the computer often fixes it.

Otherwise, have you tried running the program as admin from its properties? I've also heard that this solution worked for some people:
Spoiler: show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKVkA1FM-fw

Yeah Reives, I've tried running on administrator, however i didn't restart my computer... perhaps I'll try tomorrow.  In the meantime I don't have much time, I'll look more into fixing it tomorrow, I really want to play this game :D.  I'll also check out that video you have, thanks for trying though xD.


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