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"Snooze Song" mock-up

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A few nights ago I couldn't sleep, but was in that half-asleep mode, so I scribbled down a bunch of stuff and am turning it into a song. :P

Here's a mock-up to a part of it.

Lyrics for this segment:

"Bada bada bada. . .

Nevermind this song's cliche,
who needs original chords anyway
Just put it on repeat and yawn,
then tuck yourself in to snooze away

One sheep two sheep three sheep five sheep,
just where did all these sheep come from
You ponder, you wonder, you look up at the yonder,
then back at the clock, now it's 3a.m.

Bada bada badada. . ."

Just Lance:
It's really nice. ^^ I really like these types of songs


--- Quote from: Reives on August 22, 2011, 01:16:20 PM ---just where did all these sheep come from

--- End quote ---

AH HA HAAHAHAHH thats is gold Reives! Awsome way to start the day. Thanks for posting.

Just Lance:
... Now I heard that so many times I WANNA MOREEEEEEE!!!!!




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