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Please add RSS to main page


I am very curious about To The Moon (and now your other games), but I follow way too many projects and I worry that I will simply forget about Freebird Games.  Would you please be so kind as to add an RSS feed to your main page so that when updates happen (game released, new game, etc.) I can be automatically notified?  Thanks.

I don't really think the front page's update are kept too up-to-date, but I know you can have it so that you get notified when there are new posts in a certain thread. This seems to be the open-to-the-public update thread: http://freebirdgames.com/forum/index.php?topic=2219.msg136935#new

Hrm, that might work, thanks.  I didn't see a dedicated news section on the main page so I guess this is the next best thing.

We're planning to add a news feed column to the main site, actually. Before officially adding it to the site structure, we might resort to Facebook's page for updates for now.


Arwym (آرویم):
Just for the sake of completeness, I might add that the new site will be full of feeds and other syndicated goodness, for everyone's convenience.  _ I might use FeedBurner for this (because it's so good), or the built-in WordPress feeds feature. We'll see.  :)


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