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Character's color transparency problem


First of all, excuse my "Google Translate" english :P ... this is my firs time posting here so... here's my problem:
few days ago i used the "Format Factory" to convert the format of some of my Charas, from .png to .jpg but this is the result:

By arjal at 2011-07-12

It totally loses the transparency of the blue color of the wings and the magic spell efect!  :'(
there's antoher example:

By arjal at 2011-07-12

I know what you'll say to me: "just clik where you want the transparency of the chara". But if you look closely there's more of a color in the background of the chara  :reivsweat: and I don't know what to do, I've been trying to convert again to a .png but nothing. I'll thank you if you know somehow to fix this problem... and sorry for this, is my first time posting but not in the rpg maker world  XD

Heya arjal. JPG doesn't support transparency, so if it had parts with less-than-100% opacity, it would've been "flattened" with the background when you converted it to JPG. :< Do you not have the original PNG anymore?

noo!  D': but thans a lot Muchas Gracias  :)

Np. Always use PNG for characters and the like; it doesn't lose quality between edits. :)


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