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In less than a week, I had to ban a couple users for posting ads in the Intro threads and Game Dev. board. I can't remember, but do we have a protective measure upon registering for bots like other forums do? If not, could we add one? >_> I've seen forums using captchas and simple math problems as anti-bot defenses. I've even seen a forum downright ask if the registering user was a bot, lol..

So yeah.. anti-bot field in register form, please?

I'm pretty sure we are using some form of anti-bot field at the moment; I think it's a simple multiplication question. Oddly, it functioned way better than captcha -- I'm not sure if there's a sort of bot-hack for the captcha, but they were able to get through the most gruesome captchas. There was a torrent of bot problem at Shigi's forum a couple of weeks ago too, but after I switched it to the multiplication question it seems to have stopped.

Has it been happening all along with you swift-banning them, or did it just start this week? o:

I just noticed it starting this week. Banned within 3 days of each other.

Hm, it's better this week, right?

Arwym (آرویم):
Let me know if you're still experiencing this problem... I will take a look.  :)


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