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A script that lets you walk around while a text box is up. (XP)

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I posted about this somewhere else and I thought I might ask around here as well, mainly because I think a script like this would be useful for almost any game.

I really really need a script that allows the player to walk around if a text box is up (it can be toggled) rather then even pressing enter the script allows a time to be set, and when that time is expired the text will dissapear (or be replaced by the next box)

I really really really really want something like this BAD! I want to be able to make an rpg game, where you can be in a room, and 2 people can be having a conversation, but you don't need to stick around or even read it, you can just walk around while they talk and text boxes come up.

Ccoa's UMS

I'm too lazy to actually try out what you're saying, but create a random event and name it "text1" or whatnot, make it "Parallel Process". The rest of what you're saying is in the demo.

If you need more explanation, I'll post a how-to later on.

Ah thanks, I'll try this out now and see how it works out.


Well I tried out something like this, I'm probably way off what you had in mind but it isn't working the way I wanted to, the text is in the right place but I still have to press enter to make it progress, and I can't walk around while it's up.

I could probably get the effect I wanted with Custom Graphics of text appearing over characters... but please there must surely be a less elaborate way.

you cant walk because the event is set to auutorun you should change it to parallel process to walk around while the text appears.
you should also erase the event after it executes or it will repeat itself.
use the erase event command at the end.
About the Enter thing you should use this code  \w[1]  at the end of every message and  replace 1 by any constant you like.
If its 1 then the window will close after one second and the next dialog etc will appear so you wont need to use enter.
The constant determines how long to wait.

Press F 11 and see the codes in the UMS script in case I am confusing you more :P


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