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okay, i'm playing through quintessence again, so i'll post up stuff here that i see. most of them won't really be bugs, but just stuff that could make it better. so here we go

-Your unit of SP is 'Energy.' The HUD you are using says 'SP.' Some items still say SP as well.
-Do the items that say they raise self esteem do anything?
-Vikon's trap (item) is usable. It does nothing.
-In reivier's emo/dark/mysterious faceset, where the top of his head is black, you can actually see part of the eyes. i'm assuming you want it to cover up all of the eyes, right?
-Not really a suggestion, more like a comment, but: for some reason, Heath keeps reminding me of Huey/Joal. :salbrow:
-The first two Arcs were both three chapters long. Are the last three finale chapters gonna be their own arc?

Chapter One - Familiar Stranger
-On your way to the cliff at night,  the tutorial battle seems really forced. Everything is quiet, and dark, and you're wondering about serai, when all of a sudden this random bugs flies at you and you have to fight it. i think the tutorial being at the snake area was a much better place for it
-When you're at the cliff talking to "serai," reivier's hair is blowing in the wind. when she transforms, lunair's hair is blowing in the wind. serai's is not. it looks weird

Chapter Two - Past Acquaintance
-During the flash back when Alden sings to Naira, she tell Petal that she always 'looses.' you fixed most of those in the game, but that should be 'loses.' (i think that's what it was, at least. i know it's that mistake, in that flashback. not certain about the exact area though)
-Okay, Sal just pointed this one out to me. Vikon goes to return the barrel to Kardien - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? it couldn't wait until morning? :salbrow:
---Along with that: He was just bringing the barrel back to the kitchen? Kariden's house is quite out of the way for him to be going to the kitchen... (conspiracy theory? maybe carson was on to something! :o)
-"speaking of Salory, why doesn't she have you on your leash tonight?" when kardien says this, he is one square right, two squares down from vikon. when vikon responds "who told you about the leash?" he turns to the right. he should probably turn down

Chapter Three - Promise
-Lunair tells me three maps in a row that she buried her coins south of the woods. i think i get it.
-The snake to the right of the cliff where you get the board-raft doesn't move. it just sits there and slithers in place. The snake on that cliff has the same problem.
-For the tunneling snake battle, if he pops out at the passable corner of the cliff/wall-thing, I think he's stuck.
-There's a mushroom right next to the above mentioned cliff. If you're on the cliff, you can still pick it up

Chapter Four - Envy
-When Revier and lunair are about to fight the thief, she tells him serai is dead, he reacts, and lunair says 'just kidding, i just had to see your reaction' or whatever. lunair doesn't seem the type to say 'just kidding' at all (yeah, i just wanted to find a bug/glitch/suggestion for this chapter :P)
-During the 'Trails' montage, the guy raking the dirt (or whatever he's doing) while lunair and reivier are at the garden moves. the dirt thing moves with him. it looks really weird.

Chapter Five - Fulfillment?
-During the first cutscene with Dirk and Rayne, someone's at the door and Rayne goes to check on it... he walks through Dirk. Doesn't look good. Probably just have Dirk move backwards before he gets there?
-In the soccer minigame, the kid still says that you 'loose' if the ball goes between the poles.
-On that same map, if you walk to the western edge of the screen, then go up as far as you can, you can walk onto the building.
-On that map again, there are two guards talking to each other. the right one says "how are you doing, stranger?",  but the text box is above the player
-In the Huey cutscenes, there's a cross in front of Alden's grave. When you're wandering, it's gone. When reivier is with serai and lunair is by the graves, it's back. Huh...?
-Fione just called her 'Naira? I thought only Alden and Petal could call her that?

Chapter Six - The Beginning
-Okay, when you get to the land across the seas and are trying to talk to people, if you go up on the small platform (the one with the bag of potatos on it), there's a guy whose move route tells him to go up there. If you're up there, too, you're stuck.
-When Rayne and Dirk are talking about Huey not being executed and Fione and stuff, he mentions that "maybe even back then her consciousness could take control." Is this referring to Fione having taken the 'love potion,' or some other thing that you have not yet told us about?
-When Lunair is on the cliff about to fly off as a birdy, she mentions something about Reivier, even at the beginning, choosing to 'loose' his life for Serai
-When Revier opens the door to the underground jail, you can still see the arrrow he used stuck in the Alden statue. Is that intentional?
-In the garden battle, you might want to check the facings for the dead guards. One of them turned into a pirate for a moment when he died :P
-I'm quite certain this has been asked before, but: Heath put the pill into Luanair's Tea and was about to give it to her. she killed him. then where did that tea go? and then why does lunair suddenly have the pill outside of the tea that she can put into reives' drink? did she scoop it out of her own tea or something? :salbrow:

Chapter Seven - Savior
-Okay,  I've never understood this. When Kardian and Vikon are talking, what are they supposed to be standing in front of? Is that a riverbed or something, or what?
-Lunair Wander Time: She goes down, then if you use the southwestern path, you'll be the map that has the frogpath underneath it. that path isn't important, though. what's important is that this map has a mushroom... on a stone spire. looks weird.
-Oh my goodness, i totally did not remember the part where lunair and wolf!serai meet! O_O i like it xD
-NO!!! i missed the path with the second wolf (got that and the path to our campsite mixed up) and now lunair won't let me go back! i don't get another chance, do i? :'(
-When you're riding the horse in the forest right next to Korbin, when reivier and lunair have a short dialogue together, you can press enter and the horse will change to it's galloping pose, while still not moving

Chapter Eight - White Lie
-Weren't you going to have the transformation menu pause the game, or was the just for in-battle? If you wanted it outside of battle, it still doesn't do it when you're flying to the carnival/Gaurav Town.
-Okay, so you're flying, you're in the forest, then you go to the map above you, then to your right. Above one of the trees you have some tiles accidentally placed. There's specks in the sky :P
-I've played this at least twice now, so I knew that Lunair knew that Petal knew she was going to die (:P) but I never really caught on to the signs during the game. I'm catching them now. Nice job.
-Okay, maybe I read this wrong, but did the fortune teller tell KAIRE that she'd have a husband and settle down, and LUNAIR that she has no future? :salbrow:
-Well, it's 11:00, i'm sitting in the dark by myself playing the haunted cave. lurker comes on. reives, i hate you ::)
-During the special credits for Kaire, you have a slot about parody materials. Was there other parody stuff besides the Titanic music that used to be in here? If not, this should probably be gotten rid of... If so, what are they, cuz I haven't caught any.

Chapter Nine - Awakening
-Huh, apparently I didn't have anything. To be fair, though, it was a pretty short chapter when you know what to do. There's still the thing about having the piece of wood in your inventory still after Serai's flashback.

Chapter Ten - Sleeping Angel
-So, is Ian/the thief 'interested' (if you know what i mean) in Lunair now? That's what it seems, but he didn't show any signs the first time we saw him. I suppose he's had a lot of time to connect the pieces since then, but it still seems a bit weird.
-I'm not sure what happened, but the first throw in the super mode ball game (with jasmine and mimi), it didn't show me a face
-I wasn't going to do grammar or mapping errors for this, but this one was kind of hard to catch. At night, when Lunair and Reivier are on the cliff, the tree's shadow extends off of the cliff and into the sky.
-I'm not sure how, but in the fight against Dirk I got Reivier's direction fixed to the left. I think switching between Lunair and him fixed it, but I was being attacked so I couldn't quite tell what I was doing.
-Is the bear supposed to have two skills? Cuz the 'w' button isn't doing anything for me.

Chapter Eleven - The Origin
-Wait a minute, there's some seriously wrong stuff here.  Rayne and Fione come across the seas, and Agatha meets up with them. Agatha assumably kills Rayne, then comes back and marries Fione. ... then they have a baby. that's kinda creepy. i suppose that some of the timing could be attributed to Eshe just not knowing the facts, but if Agatha and Fione had a baby, does this mean Agatha is a lesbian? o__O and does seriously no one see her shift back and forth EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since she's been Rayne? And i thought controlling an element took to much effort to shift into anything else! i want answers, dangit!
-Reivier might just be trying to cheer her up, but he forgot that after all this is over she won't be ABLE to turn into a bird and chase the crows away and whatever else he said...
-In Lunair's mind, at the path near the cloud with Kaire and Alden, and near another cloud with bloody Lunair (wait, when did that ever happen?) and near a door, above me I can see something that I'm pretty sure isn't supposed to be there :P maybe not, though?

(I'll post more up as I see them)


--- Quote ---When Revier and lunair are about to fight the thief, she tells him serai is dead, he reacts, and lunair says 'just kidding, i just had to see your reaction' or whatever. lunair doesn't seem the type to say 'just kidding' at all
--- End quote ---
Personally I think she has sort of a dark humour.
I mean, at least I perceive her as a dark humorous person, and not just as a bitter girl with no sense of irony.

Posting up a few new ones.

Uhh, about the Arrow in the statue... I don't think Reivier ever took the arrow with him ._.

Also, I don't think the pill dissolved into the tea when Heath put it in. Yeah, I'm too lazy to quote those parts.

it never said. it showed the pill drop, then the pill faded away (not like the break-up you see when it starts to really effect reives, just fade away), then heath says something about "just have a drink and go to bed." then lunair says to take a walk. what happens to the tea and the pill between then and when she gives it to revier? did she really fish it out and keep it just in case she needed it some time? :salbrow:


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