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Arwym (آرویم):
Freebird Games
Custom Forum Themes
Info Thread
--- Quote ---Just like the games, the Freebird Games forum experience should be an atmospheric adventure!
--- End quote ---

I am going to start working on an improved version of the forums' theme, of which I will later make different variations, such as "Night," "Day," "Mist" and "Sunset."

The main reason for this is that the current aspect of the forums is based on a theme that somebody else created, and is full of errors at this time, due to compatibility issues with the latest version of SMF (the message board system).

The images and color scheme of the first variation will remain similar to the now proclaimed old theme's; I will just make it look more consistent, bug-free, modern, and hopefully a little prettier.  I'll even try to make it match the Freebird Games theme and atmosphere some more, if possible.

The progress of this little project can be followed here, along with details, FAQ, screenshots, and other things.

Arwym (آرویم):

I am going to work now (I am late!).  When I get back at night, and after studying for a final exam, I'll commence the project.

Arwym (آرویم):

While not entirely finished, the theme is already usable, and what is left to do with it is so little, that you'll probably not even notice much of what I'll be changing later.
You can switch to it now, from either your account's look and layout settings page, or the portal's theme selector.

I really need feedback on this one, for it will be the base for the rest of the custom themes which, like I said, are mere variations of it.

Note: the current header image is probably temporary; at least, it could be fixed a little, regarding size and other things.   I haven't decided yet what I'll do, but I definitely need to get in touch with Reives for additional graphics.

You are welcomed to comment.

aah, no! i like the other one better! the new banner is too small

Arwym (آرویم):

--- Quote from: Vasha on May 21, 2010, 09:37:09 PM ---aah, no! i like the other one better! the new banner is too small

--- End quote ---

Do you really mean it?  Or is that a a joke?

The image is the same in both themes.  It is just the width of the forums, which is adjustable.  If I make the overall width fixed, that could be troublesome for users on small screens.


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