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What good things happened to you today?

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Often we get so worked up about the negatives that happen in our days that we take all of the positives for granted. So, this thread is the opposite of the Frustration thread:

Tell us about what nice things happened to ya today (and hopefully every day)!

P.S. It doesn't have to be anything major - just anything that made you happy. For example, I'll start:

I'm finally back home for the weekend; I haven't been back for almost a month now. I got to watch tv while laying in the bed again - there's something about it that's really, really relaxing. :reivsmile:

Well, my weight loss made me happy today. I'm glad I've lost 5 kilos/ 11 lbs in nearly 4 weeks. :seraismile:

Hey, congratz Mela! You must be keeping up a good routine. c:

You bet! I don't want to gain weight again. I'll keep up my new, healthier eating habits in order to become slim (again) and I'll try, no, I will and have to eat healthy for the rest of my life. >.>


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