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Laura Shigihara's "Melolune"

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It looks good, and probably sounds good too.

The Game is really fun, but this one part I am stuck on is where:
Spoiler: showThe Two boys (Their names slip my mind) fell down into the caverns and I can't find all the Melolunes I need down there...I'm Stuck, and I searched everywhere.

What a great story!
I'll waiting for next melolune
Hope the next melolune released soon! :)

I must play zees .-.

I started to port Melolune to Mac a few months ago and I failed.  :reivsweat:

I started my work on porting Quintessence to Mac recently and I'm still struggling with it but in the way I learned a lot more about what needs to be done to port games to the mkxp engine (made by Ancurio, which is used for porting these games to Mac & Linux).

Today I decided to give Melolune another try and in just a few minutes I made a port and I have played it for more than an hour so far and it has worked well. :)


Here is the download link for Mac:

I know Melolune is put on hold while SuperShigi is working on her new game, but even at the current state it is a game well worth playing.  :)

- I had to convert midi files to ogg in order to make them compatible with mkxp engine.

- Save files are located in here:

--- Code: ---~/Library/Application Support/SuperShigi
--- End code ---
You can press Command-Shift-G in Finder and paste the above address in it.

Linux Version:
It just needed a Linux version of mkxp engine, I got it from Ancurio's Linux port of The Mirror Lied, so here it comes:
Melolune Demo for Linux


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