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Laura Shigihara's "Melolune"

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Is Melolune still the same game as when Rieves started the thread? Does it have more content or the changes are purely facesets/audio/artwork?

I don't remember exactly everything from the original demo, but it's mostly the same. There's been some things added in, changed, or fixed here and there, but the demo still ends at the same spot.

It looks good, and probably sounds good too.

The Game is really fun, but this one part I am stuck on is where:
(click to show/hide)The Two boys (Their names slip my mind) fell down into the caverns and I can't find all the Melolunes I need down there...I'm Stuck, and I searched everywhere.[/color][/font]

What a great story!
I'll waiting for next melolune
Hope the next melolune released soon! :)


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