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Laura Shigihara's "Melolune"

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I haven't check her blog for like half year, but omg, THOSE FACESETS.

Now i just hope she will fix the sprites...or is she already fix it??

Hm, I just looked at her site again today, seems the game really is nearing completion:

Hopefully it and TtM will be released soon.

I'v been thinking of trying this, where is the most up to date version? Also, is the game done because all I see on the site is a demo.

It's a pretty cool game (she's got some pretty cool music, and some parts she sings in, too!), but it's not completely done yet. The demo up here should be the most recent demo, I think.

Just Lance:
Yeah I like this game too but didn't tuched it since it chrashed when I was playing (and unsaved for a looooog time) ^^' Still I like it and wanna play it but now I havce so little time that it's almost imposible.


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