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Laura Shigihara's "Melolune"

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Many of you may be familiar with Laura Shigihara, whether it be her Plants vs. Zombies hit song or her vocal in Quintessence's ending theme, Drift.

Her RPG, Melolune (formerly known as The Blue Star) is now released (as an entrant to the IGF competition). You can download it here:

For additional information on the project, visit her game's blog:

(P.S. She wrote a fantastic original soundtrack for it as well!)

has it been extended, or just re-rereleased? (i'm assuming the first one) i played when it was blue star, and it was pretty fun ^^

It's largely revamped, with new mechanics (with music-related game-play components) and improved everything. See for yourself. c:

Just Lance:
^Well so far so good. (One glitch in battle system from what game shutet down, but nohing big) ^_^

cool! i'll be playin when i get the chance!


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