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Arwym (آرویم):
Hello there!

I just wanted to clarify that the forum make-over is not 100% over.  I am working on it every time I can, like today.

I have to go away for a few hours tonight, but I wanted to clarify some things before leaving:

Here are things that I am currently working on, and they are the priorities.  After these have been covered, I'll work on adding any new necessary features and modifications.

* Fix media gallery access issue where some members are unable to view the gallery. Appears to be permission-related.
* New: Fix issue with emails, where emails are not reaching their destinations. Appears to be a server or spam/blacklist/abuse issue.
* Add a shoutbox!
* Make sure to update the "moods" feature with more icons, including characters from TtM, for greater variety.
* New: Re-create shop. Make it more useful and fun.
* Work on special trading cards for the shop's trading card collection.
* "Prettify" the design (mostly color scheme) of the WAP2 layout.
* New: Create a RESPONSIVE  forum layout.
* Plan contests/games/events for this year.
* Integrate the SMF gallery with the WordPress-powered Web site.
* Fix the forum search function.
* New: See if I can make YouTube videos linked via https protocol, auto-embed on forum posts.
* Add Tapatalk/mobile support.
* Fix bug on virtual shop items.  I suspect where the problem is.  Must investigate further.
* Organize and/or revise the boards and their corresponding stickies; especially the roleplay ones.
* Add the custom Quintessence emoticons to the chat, too.
* Finish modifying the forum layout/appearance/theme.  Some colors are yet to be changed, and not all the graphics have been added yet.
* Add more items and categories for the shop.
* Change some text and messages in the forum system, like the "credits" in the profile page, and the "Buy Stuff" in the shop menu, among others.
* Add again the menu link that leads to the MAIN website, and another that leads to the forums.
* Add the IRC chat or a replacement chat again.
* Re-Implement the spoiler tag.
These are the current tasks that I am undertaking.  If you want to suggest something that is not in this list, go ahead, but know that these are my priorities at this time, and if the suggestion you make isn't really that important, it'll have to wait.

Thank you for your understanding!

- Arwym Starlight
Forum Technician

Ah, I see you got the side sky background working! Awesome stuff, it looks great! Nice job. c:

By the way, this board's permission was set to so that members who had any title (more or less everyone except guests) couldn't view it (wasn't like this last night though), I changed it back to viewable by all - I assume it wasn't intentional, just notifying it just in case it was.

Arwym (آرویم):
LOL, no.  Let me explain.  Permissions for a board work so that any member who belongs to the groups that are checked, be that the only group they belong to or not, have access to the board.  I checked Regular members, and that is enough for all members to have access to the board, no matter their user rank (how many posts they have).

So checking all those groups isn't really necessary unless what you want is to restrict the board to users who have certain amount of posts and above (like the old Quintessence game's board, which is set so that only members with 20 posts or more can see it).

:)  Thank you, though.

Oh, I couldn't view the board on Reives account though, which is why the problem occurred to me. I was looking for the board and couldn't find it even after looking at your account's past posts, so I logged out and as guest, there it was.

Arwym (آرویم):
Well, maybe I did assign the permissions wrong.  But that is still how it works.  If a member belongs to either one of the groups that have access to the board, that is already enough to see it.

I'll check later.


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