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--- Quote ---This is now officially the VIRTUAL SHOP ITEM SUGGESTIONS thread.  Make your suggestions here!

- Arwym
--- End quote ---


Read before posting!

* Teddy Bear (like the ones from the Winter Fair) in different colors
* More Lunair Hats in different colors.
* Throwing Egg (Egg an Avatar item)
* "Numbah Tuo!" Teddy Bear (found in one of the rooms of Gaurav Town)
* Lunair's Wedding Dress (will be a wearable item if I implement a custom avatar feature)
* Vikon's Leash (LOL)
* Vikon's Trap
* Reivier's Bow
* Alden and Lunair's Poisons
* Lunair's Fan
* Sheriff Douglas's Hat
* Phone from The Mirror Lied (should be able to speak random lines from the games or something like that, sending them in a PM to a chosen member... or something like that.)
* Fiery Sword of Endless Cliché / World Destruction (Huh? So what's the name?)
* Dolls from Aeria (of the characters)
* Music Boxes from Aeria (should be able to play the tunes)
* Invisible Water
* Collectible Cards
* Surprise Item Packs by Arwym
* Vikon's Sunglasses
* Soccer Ball (from the game in Aeria and Lunair's childhood flashback)
--- End quote ---

Not technically a suggestion for the game, but I don't know where else I'd post it.

I was thinking of some random things for the Qshop, and this is what I've thought of so far:

* Reiver's bow?
* Aldon's/Lunair's Poisons?
* Lunair's Wedding Dress :nds:
* Lunair's Hospital outfit from the new chapter
* Something to do with mimi. maybe a baby kitten (i think somebody suggested like a virtual pet before, this could be it if somebody knew how to do it)
Like I said, really random, but these were my thoughts. Please post other ideas!

I'll make a new board for Site and forum suggestions and comments.  :)  Thanks for the suggestions!  Reives should review them soon.

Edit:  Never mind, done already.  :)

Aye, a board about the website itself is overdue. *made*

Good idea, post suggestions on items for the forum shop here. :reivsmile: Reivier's bow and Mimi's stuff should be great, Lunair's dress and white gown might be a bit awkward unless we use things like Living Avatar, heheh.

We haven't really inserted any (well, 2 are there as samples) real items yet, and are still experimenting with things. But later on items actually would have effects rather than just a collection item sitting there. :~

Topic stickied.  Make suggestions for the item shop here!  I think it's better to keep them in a single thread for now.  :)

Oh, and also feel free to post ideas on what the items do. Use your imagination (but confined on a forum-possible level).


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