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So apparently we have the capability of setting up a forum gold + "living avatar" system on this forum (thanks to Arwym), where you can get an avatar portrait, and buy custom items to decorate it.

I think it's potentially quite a neat thing, as we can bring in items from within Quintessence and etc., and put it up for purchase here with the forum-earned forum gold. Then there could be cloths/items like Vikon's lumberjack axe or Lunair's robe or whatnot that you can purchase like a set, and be dressed up as one of the characters or whatnot. And you'd also be able to buy a hat from Lunair's Hat Sale, quite literally.  :hatsale!:

The style of them would probably be quite simplistic, so it's easy to make new items (and even take in items that you guys make and put it up on the system). I also think that in the long run, if organized well, it could keep the forum livelier and more attractive.

Thoughts/suggestions and the usual much welcomed. :reivsmile: Thanks for your time in advance!

How are we customizing our avatar exactly? Are we going to have some face-maker-style characters replace our current avatar? I can hardly imagine my floating continent wearing a hat.

I kind of imagine it sort of being like Yahoo's avatar customizer.

I don't really care. That sounds fun, but I like being able to choose my avatar from anywhere. So if it's a lot of work, don't worry about it for my sake, anyway.

From what I remember, you can choose to not use that avatar and stick with a normal profile pic too, so it's still a choice.
I think it's this: http://www.livingavatars.com/
But we can probably make a different template or whatnot (although would be some additional work) in a relatively simple style.


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