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Hello everyone
heres the backstory; about 6-7 years ago I used to make games using rm2k, and although I never finished a game I made some pretty interesting 'demos' . I have since used flash to make a few games, and upon finding that 'to the moon' both uses rm2k and is sold, it inspired me to want to give rm2k another shot for making a game.

Since those days ago when i used to make games there now multiple versions; rm2k, rm2k3 rmxP etc

and i am confused at which would be the best to make my game in. I know rm2k inside out, but i am concerned that Its difficult to sell games made with it as you dont have a license for it.
I have done a bit of research on XP and VX , but I dont know the 'ruby programming language' so my choices are limited to rm2k, rm2k3 and XP.

what would be the best choice for me? I intend for the game to either be sold (like too the moon is (but at a lower price)) or included as a bonus on music CD's.

any help is greatly appreciated,
PS. also which version was 'to the moon' made using?

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1. You don't really need to know Ruby to make a game. But it will come very handy if you want to customize your game to some extent.
2. To the Moon is on RMXP, not RM2K.
3. I'm not sure if you can sell games made on RM2K and RM2K3. On RMXP and RMVX (and the upcoming RMVX Ace), you can.

It's better if you know some Ruby knowledge for RMXP, but as ?er said, it's not required. Rather, you'd better be willing to spend time to either create your own graphics and/or music. Either that, or hire a composer/graphics designer.

RM2k and RM2k3 aren't really my favorites because of how... strange they are in comparison to RMXP. RMXP and RMVX are you best options now, because their custom resource community is probably the most active (bias showing here) still, so it'd be easier to request things like graphics, music, etc.
The pros and cons of RMXP and RMVX are as follows:

* Pro: Virtually limitless resource database
* Pro: Wide variety of tilesets (granted, they aren't the best, but they're good for beginner users)
* Pro: Very useful layer system
* Side note: Looks more serious than RMVX
* Con: VERY STEEP learning curve
* Con: Default scripts aren't very exciting (no face sets, custom dialogue, custom menu systems, etc.)
* Con: Bad music, but it's not the worst

* Pro: Simple, easy to use
* Pro: Better for casual looking games
* Pro: Message system that normally required a custom script
* Pro: Easier to make world maps
* Con: Very limited resources (4 pre-made tilesets, 1 limited blank tileset, pre-made icon sheet)
* Con: Difficult to import custom resources (strict character and face sheets)
* Con: Boring maps. Seriously, four tilesets can only do so much, and also, no layering! So much for my tower!
* Con: Boring battle system
* Con: Terrible pre-made music. Much worse than RMXP (which is pretty bad, but has some good ones)
TL;DR - RMXP is more powerful than RMVX. RMVX is more... accessible to new users.

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--- Quote from: mepwnn on March 01, 2012, 07:15:05 PM ---RMXP requires some Ruby knowledge as well, but as ?er said, it's not required.

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