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Simplify the Opening
« on: September 13, 2016, 01:16:15 PM »
Over-all, I really like Quintessence:TBV, but the opening (beginning of gameplay) is so bad, it almost had be abandon the game (what a bummer that would have been!)

  • Characters: When faced with many new faces, it's helpful to know some rough purpose or role (in the opening only, not the whole plot) to them. Reivier's role as helper and Agatha's as evildoer are clear IIRC (if I recall correctly), but some subtle hints towards Lunair's and Eshe's would be greatly helpful for digesting later scenes (e.g. "I won't last forever.", "Only she can open the path for us.")
  • Hug Me Scene: This scene is stuffed to the brim with flashbacks and things the new players cannot recognise or associate with anything, most prominently the Love Pill. You should tone those down or cut them out entirely.
  • Combat Introduction: I won't discuss this in detail, since the combat system isn't finalised to begin with, but I want to at least mention it. Again, it's better to cut some things out at first and introduce those later (basic pacing rule)

Another few negative (though not severe) things I happen to recall:
  • Near the end of the current version, the walks inbetween cutscenes are plain tedious and devoid of choice, decision or exploration.
  • One time, I mistakingly thought "select difficulty" meant whole game difficulty, not just for the riddle.
  • Golden egg.
  • I combed the entire Gurav (probably not actual name woops) town before trying to interact with the kitten again.

Thank you for reading and good luck with developing this game!  :3
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Re: Simplify the Opening
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2016, 09:44:08 PM »
Well this game was made back in... 2008? This is of Kan's first projects (and not the first remake of it either). He says he might continue it after FP and possibly remake it in the future for Steam.

Until then however, there's an open source team you can join if you know how to use RPG maker. Atm it's just mainly mapping. It's Kan's job to put in the main story, missions and events.


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