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Omg! OMG!! HYPE!!

I sooo can't wait for this!

And that soundtrack just... just... AMAZING!

I must get my Steam wallet ready for this ;)

(Also is it me or has Wind from Our Younger Days kinda got a Quintessence taste to it? :) )
Yeah, that's the one! Is it really typed "waah waah waaaah" though? I thought there was a more... compressed(?) sounding one.
(P.S. Does anyone know how to type that descending trombone sound effect? Like, "bwuh bwuh bwuuuhhh" or something, though that doesn't look right... I've been trying to figure it out all morning. :x)
Is this the one you mean?
Announcements and Rules / Finding Paradise's official webpage now live and stuff!
« Last post by Reives on May 25, 2017, 09:22:17 AM »
Hey all, the official site for FP is now up! :D

Game page:

Soundtrack page:

Also, here's the original "Press Release" document so-to-speak sent to the press folks o: [.docx link]

But aye, with the current trajectory of things, Finding Paradise is slated to release at the end of the year instead of summer -- perhaps around the time when To the Moon was first released.

The game has been making good progress, though, with the last Act of the game now being worked on. It's difficult to project, because things are always changing -- Originally, I was looking at it with To the Moon's production speed; but with FP, there's a lot more meticulous details and animations etc. to create and consider, as the production value in general has increased a bit, and thus taking longer.

But all that aside, basically I suck at estimating time. There were also some things happened in my personal life last year that affected the pace of things (though also perhaps indirectly made the game better in the long run). Still, with most of the game being done, it doesn't look like it will budge much now. Quality comes first, and we'll try our best to make sure it's up to expectations by the time it launches.

Thanks for your patience and support, guys~ :Evapple: And a shout out to the vets here too who have been helping with testing the internal builds to help shape them to become the final game. :)

Have a FP poster! (by Alisa Christopher):

(click to enlarge)

(P.S. Does anyone know how to type that descending trombone sound effect? Like, "bwuh bwuh bwuuuhhh" or something, though that doesn't look right... I've been trying to figure it out all morning. :x)
Creativity Showcase / Re: Dragon Mage's Drawing Pad
« Last post by Dragon Mage on May 24, 2017, 02:19:27 AM »
"DS related stuff and more art dump" edition.

To start things off, I redid a persona reference:

I'm planning to do a digital version but not making any promises. *Still have yet to finish the digital version of Dragon vs Wolf*

Ori eats Butts Pie:

For the Fallen Down comic. I drew this separate since the comic won't have a big section about Butterscotch pie :P


Anyone who's into DST as much as I I'm sure is familiar with this. If not, it's basically a puzzle connected to Steam and is required two people to complete it (or fake Steam accounts and multiple computers xD ). It's really difficult and confusing. Let's hope the two smartypants here can solve it :P

Flirting with a Fell:

Based of a Tumblr dating thing. Alternate Ria meets Underfell Sans at Grillby's and, depending on what you say, can really hit it off. Used Alt Ria cos normal Ria is too shy and innocent ^^;

A Drunk Scientist:

Raven, remember that scarecrow we dressed up and it looked like Willow? Here's my comic xD

Speaking of which, here's another DST thing I drew (Peppy Vargling) :

And another :P (Rideable Pets) :

Waaay too OP for DST but how cool would this be? :)

Wolfgang sketch:

There was another Klei art steam a while back.

Big Fluffy:

Decided to try Fluffy out with a curvier body shape. She looks good but I don't think I'll make this my new design for her. I also tried a pink tail but it didn't look as good as I hoped ( ._.)

And finally, 100 Mandrakes:

I actually did this in-game xD

Fun Fact: There's only about 55 total mandrakes in this picture. If I were to draw 100, I would lose more sanity than Wilson right now 0_0
General / Re: What's the Meaning Behind your Screen Name?
« Last post by EgotisticalRaven on May 23, 2017, 07:57:26 PM »
Ohhhh! Now I know why 'Tatyananup' picked his name! Becuase he's a bot....
General / РПП мир н
« Last post by Tatyananup on May 23, 2017, 07:43:50 PM »
Edit: What I meant to say is, 0010111001010001110100010100101000100001111
General / MOVED: online payday loans
« Last post by Reives on May 23, 2017, 10:25:02 AM »
Creativity Showcase / Re: Bits of Toast
« Last post by Mobbstar on May 23, 2017, 08:12:37 AM »
My feelings about this drawing are probably best described as "culture shock". The contrast of clothing, vegetation, landscape and even lighting is very apparent. However, the girls are dressed like they would belong to each other's environment, not to their current one.

Teach me your colours, senpai. My inferior brush is ready.
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