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My quintessence review
« on: March 24, 2017, 05:50:04 AM »
Noob here, but not a noob to RPG's. I've been playing them for 23 years. I thought I might offer my 2 cents after playing chapters 1-11.


1. NO GRINDING!!!!!! Oh yesssss, this is definitely on the top of my list of pro's! (seriously, let's make people walk around in circles like drunks for hours just to be able to progress in the game without being obliterated... NO THANKS!)

2. The story is engaging and and compelling. I just recently tried playing ff7 and got so bored halfway through that I could care less to ever finish it. This game on the other hand... I finished in three days regardless of my many other responsibilities and distractions. It does a good job of connecting you to the characters fate, making you want to see their outcome.

3. Music of course. I muted it once and forgot to un-mute, it was barely a few minutes before I was asking myself what was missing, the music makes continuing on even more of a pleasure than it already is.

4. Overall appeal. I would easily play this game over and over, like I have chrono trigger. So far in the countless games I have played only four games hold this distinction. (the only thing that might stop me from playing again is that stupid carnival... aren't carnivals supposed to be fun!?!?)

5. Clear objectives, I never had to question what I had to do next. This is a wonderful thing. (Actually not having clear objectives is part of the reason I won't finish ff7, I'm sick of wondering around wondering where my party is supposed to go next... borrring)


1. THE CARNIVAL!!!!! Holy cow, I almost gave up liking this game at this point... I play pretty much only play RPG's precisely due to the fact that I have sub-par fine motor skills, (I suspect I'm not the only one since autistic people tend to like RPG's and most also have sub-par fine motor skills.)  That Wack-a-Mole game requirement was, to say the least, over the top. Not cool.

2. Unnatural lack of dialog at certain points. For instance, when Seria comes back, you would have to be a serious breed of strange not to be eager to explain everything, yet for an agonizing period of time all Reivies has to say is, "it's not what you think!" ???Huh???  (I wouldn't buy the whole "the red pill befuddled him" line either, since he has constantly been able to resist up to that point with less ideal circumstances, why all of a sudden is he too weak with her right in front of his face? Makes no sense)

3. Battle system, again, not so good for those with less than good fine motor skills. Being able to use the terrain against the enemy and heal easily was it's saving grace.  (so kinda a pro and con)

4. It's not finished... Nuff said.  -cuss-

So there you have it my opinion, take it or leave it. :)


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Re: My quintessence review
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2017, 03:01:05 AM »
You didn't have any trouble with finding the side-quest in Aeria? Or do you enjoy exploration?

Other than that, I do agree with some of these thing. However bear in mind that this was made back in, what, 2008 what it? If you're played TtM and other later games by Kan, you'd know that his story writing, game development, coding and even sprite work have vastly improved.

Another con that someone pointed out is lack of character development Serai got. I ended up disliking her character due to this and may dampen my opinion of her in a possible remake (yes there was talk of a remake for Steam but this is not entirely confirmed yet).


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Re: My quintessence review
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2017, 04:19:06 PM »

 I didn't have trouble advancing the plot, although I am usually unusually thorough though. (this sentence makes me happy, haha)

I have played To the Moon, it's very good.


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