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Yay! It works now! Thank you!
Hey there! I just updated the game with a patch (if you're on Steam) for the PC version -- if that's what you're using, could you try loading that part again? Sorry about that!
In the beginning of the second memory - where
Spoiler: show
 Colin is visiting the place where Sigmund wines and dines its clients
- I moved Neil up into the snow patch just above where they first spawn and now the character is stuck. I saved the game and reloaded and now the two characters are superimposed on each other. :( I seemed to have hard stuck the game.

EDIT: OK, after monkeying around a bit and reloading the auto-save a couple times, a weird thing happens: when the auto-save loads, Neil immediately walks north into the snow where Eva is standing and from then on can turn but doesn't move. If I go to the menu screen, it makes a sound as if items are being chosen, but nothing is being highlighted and the sound goes away after I highlight either Neil or Eva's name.
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Re: Finding Paradise
« Last post by TheFlyingMarlin on Today at 06:41:57 PM »
Another interesting thought I had this morning about the game:
Spoiler: show

I noticed how it addressed a question which came up in my head after playing TtM, and I noticed that some YouTubers raised the question after playing TtM (such as Markiplier). Specifically it's the question on whether it's better to die believing you lived a life without regrets which was a lie, or to die with a life filled with regrets which you genuinely lived. I feel like this is an inherent question in the premise of altering memories prior to death, and its ethical implications have been heavily touched upon in the minisodes. I'm looking forward to seeing what other questions will be addressed in the future.
Finding Paradise - Discussion / The Music
« Last post by nekobuster on Today at 05:45:14 PM »
Apart from the story, the themes, and the gameplay, there's always the more notable aspect in all of the Sigmund Corps series: the music.

I think that both To the Moon and Finding Paradise incorporated music with storytelling very effectively. For Finding Paradise, the character development for Colin partially relied on his development with his cello skills, as well as the other characters that motivated him to play better. So I felt that the greater quantity of soundtracks than the previous game made sense. Also, it's more OST made by Kan Gao, and what's not to appreciate about that?

As for whether or not I found FP's OST better than TtM, I'm not sure yet. Both games had different themes in their story, and I felt that each of their respective soundtracks complimented wonderfully with the story they had to tell.  Maybe once I have each of the game's soundtracks to listen to for comparison, then I might have a final decision. But I definitely know that both games' soundtracks are phenomenal for their presentation. Many props to you once again, Reives.

What do you guys think?
Team Française / Re: Traduction de Finding Paradise ?
« Last post by Aile Lune on Today at 04:43:32 PM »
Contente de voir qu’il y a de l’intérêt ! :) C’est super de te revoir, kill, je sais pas ce qu’on aurait fait sans ton support technique ! Puis-je suggérer Google Docs plutôt que Dropbox ? Je ne sais pas si Dropbox prend en charge l’actualisation des fichiers en direct alors que plusieurs personnes travaillent dessus. Ça serait certainement utile.

J’ai pris l’initiative de créer le serveur Discord puisque j’avais du temps libre. N’importe qui peut le rejoindre, même si vous n’avez pas l’intention de participer à la traduction. J’imagine que beaucoup de gens voudront discuter du jeu, de toute manière. C’est par ici : Si le besoin se fait sentir, on pourra rendre les chaînes de discussion de la traduction invisibles pour les non-membres de l’équipe, mais puisque rien n’a été entamé pour le moment, il n’y a pas de mal à ce qu’elles soient publiques. Ichi, n’hésite pas à rejoindre le serveur !

Cela dit, je ne crois pas qu’il soit utile ou nécessaire d’avoir une énorme équipe de traduction pour un si court jeu. S’il y a trop de monde sur la traduction, le rendu final risque d’être fouillis, voire pire. Je pense que trois ou quatre traducteurs et un ou deux relecteurs dédiés serait largement suffisant.

Mais bref — merci beaucoup, Galdros ! Ça fait plaisir à voir. J’espère que la traduction de Finding Paradise sera à la hauteur de tes attentes et du jeu lui-même. (D’ailleurs, je l’ai fini il y a quelques heures et je l’ai trouvé excellent.)
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Re: Finding Paradise
« Last post by FirmlyGroundedAspie on Today at 03:55:06 PM »
So, Finding Paradise ended up not resolving the Neil story arc, what exactly the machine and the secrecy was for, and that pill thing. I think some parts of the game dragged on for a bit longer than they had to; on the flip side I liked the little allusions to TtM: Avoiding the squirrel in the beginning, and Colin knew River *sniffle*. Neil's "character customization" improvement was hilarious.

All in all, I'm less sure that I'll play FP again than I was with TtM. If I end up trying, I may write some more in here.
Thanks for the heads up! I just fixed it in a build patch that I'm testing right now, and should make the patch live tonight. :) Bad mushroom.
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