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Team Español / Re: Finding Paradise Translation Project
« Last post by Forkiso on December 09, 2017, 02:17:22 PM »
Si hay alguien más que pudiese estar interesado que deje constancia por aquí, no os compromete a nada, es por saber si somos más de tres en realidad ;)

En caso contrario, ¿con nosotros tres sería suficiente para hacer algo?
Italiano / Re: Adunata!
« Last post by meconio on December 09, 2017, 12:06:37 PM »

non seguo molto il forum ma se vi serve aiuto mandatemi pm che li leggo.
To the Moon - Discussions / Re: The Algorithm Of River At The End Of The Game:
« Last post by Noammac on December 08, 2017, 09:36:01 AM »
Sorry to bring back a dead thread, but I believe Neil and Eva explain this (a bit) when they talk about River after Eva relocated her in the asking-out memory. If I remember correctly, Eva confirms that River's personality and actions from the turning point onwards will be based on John's memories and impressions of her (perhaps with some of his subconscious wishes). If that is true, wouldn't it mean that she is an algorithm, in a sense? If her actions are influenced by John, that would explain her offering her hand and making a sad, resigned face. She would act as a bit of Johnny's subconscious that's aware he's going to die, but also that he needs to keep on longer to let the SigCorp. crew finish his memory-rewrite. In that case, she would be kind of like an algorithm, a very complicated one at that.
With To the Moon, it was less of a conscious choice, but rather things just kind of happened.

With Finding Paradise, up until now I've honestly just been so preoccupied with actually making the original game itself that I haven't even been able to think much about those elements. Even now I just woke up from 4 hours of sleep and doing polish on the build, and it's a week before release. So even if I were to give the game to translation companies, it still won't likely be released in different languages together just the same; because I'm working on the English version all the way up until release. I'm also aware that apparently it's better commercially for the game to delay release in order to launch in multiple languages simultaneously, but at this point the game's already been delayed quite a few times, and I think I really owe it to release at least the original version without going all the way into 2018.

All that being said, from another angle, I honestly trust the community to translate a game like FP more than a hired company, as those who would do it on a hired basis wouldn't necessarily be into the actual game enough to catch the nuances, and tend to translate on a more literal basis. I was thinking that after the dust settles down, I'd try to work out some kind of a compensation system for the community translators instead, hopefully without getting into the same pitfall.

Oh, speaking of this... There is one community localization team that might actually finish their translation by release date (they pushed for co-development translation on a short schedule, which I don't think even professional translation companies tend to do, as it must be crazily frustrating to deal with messy and constantly-changing code). I swear they've got better efficiency and drive than most professional companies out there. :o
I just had a conversation in Steam with somebody who was pissed off because Finding Paradise won't be available in his respective language.

I tried to explain to him that you always released your games in English and then some fans made some translations months after.

But he has actually some point. Wouldn't it actually be viable to give the game dialogues to some professional translators and make it available in more languages officially? I don't know if that's a possibility you explored before, but it would be great.
In-Development Indie/Homemade Games / Re: Super Donuts!
« Last post by Thunderbird on December 07, 2017, 11:15:27 AM »
Congratulations on releasing your game :3
In-Development Indie/Homemade Games / Re: Super Donuts!
« Last post by nicktendowii on December 07, 2017, 10:52:17 AM »
Hi everyone, the game is out now on iOS and Android! It's much improved since the last time I posted here! I hope you like it if you decide to check it out! :)
Creativity Showcase / Re: Dragon Mage's Drawing Pad
« Last post by Dragon Mage on December 06, 2017, 08:47:57 PM »
A Very Dupey Art Dump (spoilers, there's a lot of dupes :P )

EgotisticalRaven as a Dupe:

"One question comes to mind when seeing a Raven... where'd they get such a dashing top hat?"

Miki Dupe:

"Don't be fooled by a Miki's appearance. They are tougher than they look."

Portal Guns:

"This doesn't look like the usual tools we use"

When You Leave:

A comic more accurately depicting what happened when Ria's sister left. Not to say the fight didn't happen. This could be before/after that event :)

Wayne Dupe:

This is a Don't Starve OC of a friend and I decided to dupe-isize him after proposing the idea. She loved it btw :)

Dupe Booties:

Although Oxygen Not Included now has full body suits, the idea of dupes having lil gumboots is an adorable concept.

Buffy Dupe:

Another dupe OC I came up with. I need to work on my muscle man drawings ^^;

Boo Fanart:

Fanart of another friend's OC. He's usually adorable which is why dupe Ria is swooning over this odd fella (he's half mantis btw incase you didn't know)

Dupe Hug:

Although he's asexual, I can still draw some light fluff of these two ^_^


How am I still allowed to own a pencil? xD

Fun fact: Victor in this comic has become a fan favorite among my friends, despite never intending to be used outside this comic. Now he's one of my most used OCs :P

A DragonMage's Power:

Kind of a redraw of an older piece by a similar name. That said piece was thrown in my DA storage years ago cos reasons. However if I ever decide to colour this, I might make a drawing comparison. The only reason I didn't colour this was because I messed up on her leg and kinda lost motivation after that...

Anyway, that's all I have for now.
Team Español / Re: Finding Paradise Translation Project
« Last post by EPM on December 06, 2017, 09:40:54 AM »
Si hay alguien más que pudiese estar interesado que deje constancia por aquí, no os compromete a nada, es por saber si somos más de tres en realidad ;)
Team Español / Re: Finding Paradise Translation Project
« Last post by EPM on December 06, 2017, 03:24:56 AM »
Oye, pues me alegra ver que la menos seríamos 3  :caketime:
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