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UPDATE 1/18/2018: Added The Scale Song (Cello Version)! I got a lot of requests to do this one, and I tried to incorporate both the cello and the piano so that it was still possible to play with two hands. I also improved the quality of the SoundFont I was using, so the piano sounds more realistic now! Check out the Synthesia tutorial here:

Thank you!
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Re: Question about Colin and Faye
« Last post by Leave Me Alone on Today at 10:21:12 AM »
I didn't think that much of it. Even after 5 or so playthroughs I didn't get the inkling that the story in this FP was that complicated. It's one of the things that bugs me about this game. Ultimately I thought the prescence of the doctors and operation was entirely unnecessary, and that they being there changed nothing. This isn't Johnny who can't remember. Colin still remembers Faye, remembers their farewell, and remembers their promise. I didn't see anything that would suggest that Colin wasn't able to summon Faye back on his own. Which left the impression that if the doctors hadn't shown up at all, nothing would've changed. It makes the mission feel pointless.

I wouldn't say that Colin is overly imaginative. We don't know for sure because there is no comparison. In the game it is stated that the machine has some sort of stabiliser that checks the patients' memories against a public wiki of data, and then corrects the scene of the memory using what is factually known. This stabiliser was operational during Johnny's story, so we as the doctors didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Neil disabled it during Colin's op, which is what allowed him to mold the memory scenes and eventually led to Faye wracking havoc. @Dragon Mage, this is why Neil's overarching story must be present for the FP story to work, even if it detracts (although it probably could've been handled better). The FP story wouldn't have been possible without Neil's meddling.

And I disagree that Faye is out of Colin's control. He's not schizophrenic. He created her, he knows he created her, and he controls what she does. If he wants her to kneel she will. Because if she doesn't, he's schizophrenic.
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Have you ever faced it before?
« Last post by Grasping1 on Today at 05:17:49 AM »
This might seem off topic, but I completed this game not long ago within a night's worth of time. It's left me deep in thought and I guess I felt the need to discuss it in some way due to the game it's self. I guess I feel as if I relate to some of these characters in some fashion like anyone else possibly would. Being an aspie, I felt I related to River already in "Too The Moon". I hope this doesn't all seem so long winded either because I just felt I wanted to express it. Even if it seems irrelevant.

As a child, I didn't have many friends either. I've been a social outcast my whole life. I did make friends in Jr High and it was there where it happened. I made friends. Along the way of all that, time had passed and most went on to high school while one of them and I remained. We had became best friends. This is where the relation comes to light in a sense. We eventually created guardian angels of a manner to speak. Imaginary friends that we could just joke around with and have fun. I took it a bit more serious than him. Acknowledging they weren't real, bit still being fond to them.

Through my life, I've kept them ever since. Without them, I wouldn't be half the person I am today. Always wanting to improve, become better at something, pushing forward while still always looking at my own little mistakes. Flaws that most people have throughout their life. I guess what I mean to say is, after all of that, it feels as if I have drifted apart from these "illusions" to a sense and want to know if others have had similar experiences. Despite the immaturity of it, I could never bring myself to just let them go however, they in a sense have told me that one day they might have to. That I won't need them anymore.

It seems so dumb discussing it cause who would listen to such a thing when it'd come off silly, let alone crazy? I'm at the age of 28 now... I believe I was 15 when they first appeared. They've always encouraged me to do the right thing, despite whether or not I wanted to and showed me the affection I'd never truly show myself. Pushing me forward to always improve in whatever manner I felt worth the time. But after all the time's passed, this game made me remember something that's always bothered me. When I'm gone, who will remember that part of this? The part of me that only I could really see, hear or feel? Much like Colin's Faye, they know they don't exist and that they're just a part of me.

Today, I have friends and people that care for me more than I could ever thought possible, even in a world that sometimes seems pretty damned bitter. I guess I just really wanted to express all this if anything due to obvious reasons. In a sense, it's been a burden of some form. So I guess that's why I felt the need to discuss it, if only here. I hope this hasn't been incredibly off topic, but I felt there was no better place to discuss it rather than here considering. Writing all this makes me reflect a bit. 14 years. Time passes too quickly.
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Re: Question about Colin and Faye
« Last post by Duodecim on Today at 03:55:10 AM »
Hmm, so after thinking over this feverishly for a day, I think I understand now. Colin did have the ability to talk to Faye again. But, his promise with her was that at the end, they'd talk about the life he'd lived, and if I remember correctly, she had told him that he would have a fulfilling life. And if he hadn't known about SigCorp, that's exactly what he would have done, as he would've believed that he did have a fulfilling life.

But knowing about SigCorp changed things. Probably due to his innate tendency (and astonishing ability) to imagine a different world, he started to think about the regrets that he had, the things that he would fix if he could, which made him start to question whether he truly lived a fulfilling life or not. And that doubt kept him from bringing Faye back, because he really wanted to know that he had no regrets before he talked to her again.

That eventually brought him to SigCorp, to make sure that he did feel that way when he had that conversation, and it was why he didn't actually want to change any of his experiences (he never even asked for his regrets to be fixed). I think deep down he still knew that he didn't want a different life; he just wanted to feel differently about the life he lived and to be able to tell Faye that yes, he'd lived the life he wanted.

Now, conjecture time. We know that Colin wouldn't have signed the SigCorp contract without Sofia's agreement. What if Sofia had never agreed? Would Colin have brought Faye back eventually on his own anyway? I think there's a good chance that he would have, because even in the world where he didn't know about SigCorp, he still didn't bring her back until close to the end, at a point corresponding to the last accessible memory - in the real world, he didn't, because at that point he had already signed the contract and he would've expected to see her again post-operation. But if he hadn't signed the contract... maybe he would have, even if he knew about SigCorp, though that last conversation with Faye might have gone differently due to him having more doubts.
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Re: Question about Colin and Faye
« Last post by Tumbles on January 17, 2018, 09:31:13 PM »
Faye wasn't something under his control. Even if his conscious mind wanted to bring her back, his subconscious mind didn't and possibly couldn't.

She promised to come back, but he possibly lost the ability to communicate with her seriously as he aged and matured.
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Question about Colin and Faye
« Last post by Duodecim on January 17, 2018, 07:20:01 AM »
Just finished playing the game, and, well, once again Reives has succeeded in making me feel things that I didn't know it was possible for me to feel.

I do have a specific question, which is, why couldn't Colin bring Faye back on his own, without SigCorp? They had promised to meet again at the end of his life, and he was going to tell her about what had happened. But why didn't he?
In-Game Discussion / Re: My quintessence review
« Last post by Dragon Mage on January 16, 2018, 11:33:23 PM »

A gripe of mine as well. The whole Serai and jealousy thing came out of nowhere and its existence is contrived. Its persistence is only because Reivier forgot how to speak all of a sudden. Considering how Serai was never portrayed as unempathetic or immature at any point in her adulthood, you'd think she'd be more understanding after Reivier explains the circumstances.

In fact, the whole Serai character arc is perhaps the weakest in the game. If a remaster was made, I would definitely push for scrapping the entire snake ruins sequence in Chapter III. That whole segment is nothing but filler, and it could've been used to develop Serai instead. I say this because it becomes a problem later in Chapter V. Reivier is relieved and all to see Serai again, and is devastated to find her missing in VI, but the players have no way to empathise with him because the relationship between Serai and Reivier isn't touched on until Chapter X. No, cliffside scenes about their promise doesn't cut it. I'd love if Serai was more of a character and less of a plot device, because I want to feel Reivier's internal conflict between her and Lunair. I want to be invested in characters and feel torn that at least one of them is doomed. But when Serai is put into the most well developed character in the game, it's much too easy to just invest in one.
Hence why I didn't like her for very long if at all. Infact I started hating her for hating Lunair, even though her reasoning was pretty fair (was kidnapped by her, disguised as her and almost killed her when she was stuck as a wolf).

I'm hoping Serai gets more character development in a revamp or even the rest of the story but it seems kinda redundant to bring it up so late in Quintessence :seraisweat:
Fan Works / Re: To the Moon Fandub (1/16/18 UPDATE)
« Last post by Gamesjayplays on January 16, 2018, 09:20:28 PM »
We just released the entirety of Act 2 as a dub! Enjoy!
In-Game Discussion / Re: My quintessence review
« Last post by Nyerguds on January 16, 2018, 12:37:36 PM »
Really? Sure looked like she did... there was this whooshing sound... and at the end (in the intro) you see she never gave it to him.

In fact, even his wish to Dasha seemed tainted by it; he basically asked to never notice that his wife is replaced. To believe every lie, to never meet the real Lunair.

I saw the cover art... yea, that sure looks like she still has it. Now I'm just left wondering if that means there will be a deviation in this time loop after all, or if she'll just keep musing over it.
In-Game Discussion / Re: April Fools Release [2009]
« Last post by Nyerguds on January 16, 2018, 10:27:51 AM »
This was epic beyond words :3

The rage made me transcend normal game boundaries!

Dunno if it's a known fact but there's a gap you can use to walk into the air, at the right edge of this area. I just wondered if it was in this version too. Apparently it was, and I could actually go down again on the left side, too  8)
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