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Stuck in doctor memory (slightly spoiler)

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--- Quote from: Vex on November 04, 2011, 01:47:00 AM ---Will do once I'm back at home. :) Cheers for the help.

It's odd though that I didn't spot this... maybe the Platypus-interaction-box was overlapping or something?

--- End quote ---

I think it was. I may have had the same problem when I played. If the cursor doesn't change over that Johnny, just wlk up to him with the arrow keys and press the Enter button on him. That should get it.

It was indeed a case of the interaction-icon not showing when I expected it to show.

This is something that I noticed one more time during a later stage again. I never used "Enter" to interact with things before, I only moved around with clicks - so if anyone else is stuck there, click on things anyway that seem to be logical for you to click on.

I had the same issue. Thanks for for the help!

Had same problem. Thanks!

Same problem here. Thanks so much for the info.


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