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Team Deutsch / Re: Deutsche Übersetzung von Finding Paradise
« Last post by Thunderbird on Today at 05:19:53 PM »
Stand momentan:
Ich kümmer mich darum die aktuellen Spieldateien zu bekommen und die Dialoge in eine Exceldatei zu transferieren/aufzubereiten.
Da Weihnachten/Neujahr mit Familienbesuchen dazwischenliegt, denk ich mal, dass es Anfang Januar mit der Übersetzung losgehen sollte.

Hallo! Ich würde mich auch sehr gerne an der Übersetzung von Finding Paradise beteiligen. Habe sowas nur leider vorher noch nie gemacht, aber ich bemühe mich, mich schnell einzuarbeiten. Würde mich sehr freuen, falls ich helfen kann! :)
Beim Probelesen/Probespielen der Übersetzung werden wir auf jeden Fall noch Hilfe brauchen :)
Falls wir bei der Übersetzung selber noch Hilfe brauchen, werd ich hier im Forum Bescheid geben.
Team Française / Re: Traduction de Finding Paradise ?
« Last post by Corneille2178 on Today at 04:00:01 PM »
Bonjour tout le monde !

Ca fait plaisir de vous retrouver ! Moi aussi je suis prêt à recommencer, et je pense que je pourrai jouer au jeu et attaquer la traduction pendant ces vacances.

J'ai quand même deux questions :
-Question bête tout d'abord... Kan est au courant ? Est-ce qu'il a manifesté explicitement qu'il pouvait avoir besoin de nous ? Peut-être qu'avec le succès du premier volet, il compte maintenant faire appel à une entreprise. Vous en avez bien parlé avec lui ?

-Si oui, a-t-il été question qu'il nous offre d'abord des clés pour qu'on joue au jeu ? Il nous en avait offert beaucoup par reconnaissance après la traduction de TTM, et là je trouverais bête d'en acheter une pour FP s'il nous en donne après. S'il n'en a pas parlé, est-ce que l'un d'entre vous échange régulièrement avec lui et peut lui demander ? Un  :platquack: en peluche serait cool aussi...

Il faudra se donner des nouvelles IRL aussi, par messages privés ! Killmehill, je t'enverrai un petit paragraphe pour le  fil "L'équipe".

A dans quelques jours,

Finding Paradise - Discussion / Re: Finding Paradise
« Last post by Kyo on Today at 03:28:18 PM »
The motorcycle person confuses me the most, since Neil sees her in the real world.
Unless it's not the real world and everything in FP is already being relived inside someone's memories using Neil's machine that now - after the events from FP - has a copy of Faye. Most likely Eva's memories specifically, if we link this to that one creepy moment from the second Minisode.

That would mean the whole FP is an altered memory of altering someone's memory.
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Re: Finding Paradise
« Last post by EatingToastYay on Today at 03:01:49 PM »
The only explanation is that it could be Faye, but then it's not confirmed. I really need some kind of confirmation about this.

The same goes for the person who was watching Colin and Sofia from the woods.
That and motorcycle man too.

The motorcycle person confuses me the most, since Neil sees her in the real world. Whoever it was seemed to be wearing the same dress as Faye; I wonder if she visits frequently and Colin just took the design of her dress and applied it to Faye in his memories, or if something real weird is going on... In certain branching paths from player choices, Potato also mentions that her bear was retrieved by a lady in a brown dress who "didn't even touch the water". Ugh, so many questions!

I have no clue why you tried to reply to me, bashfluff, but you do realize that everyone has their opinions of this game, and that just as I can't change the way you feel about it, you can't change how I feel about it? In any case, you're entitled to your view, and I bet Reives appreciates the feedback. And if you don't want anything more to do with Freebird Games, that's okay too. In fact, I think if you contact Reives, you could even get a refund for the game! Not bad, eh?

I gotta go write a terrible essay now, so I guess I'm not a great writer after all  :) but that's ok! FP gives me a mood boost.
In fullscreen, the game is letterboxed to preserve the aspect ratio, but that's not what you're referring to?
Finding Paradise - Discussion / Re: Finding Paradise
« Last post by nekobuster on Today at 02:38:07 PM »
Do anyone remember the first memento they went through in this game? Did anyone else notice a faint sillhuette rushing behind Colin as Neil and Eva were about to be teleported away? That was so creepy.
The only explanation is that it could be Faye, but then it's not confirmed. I really need some kind of confirmation about this.

The same goes for the person who was watching Colin and Sofia from the woods.
That and motorcycle man too.

I definitely saw that silhouette too, so it's good to see that I wasn't going crazy. But I originally thought there were two silhouettes, and the only way I could chalk up what happened then was that the two original doctors for the Colin case went into Colin's mind as well without Eva and Neil noticing. But if it was only one silhoutte, then it must've been Faye, since she returns later in the game to that same memory as well. Still, it's just a theory.  ???

The one watching Colin and Sofia from the woods was also Faye. I have no doubt about that. It's the same figure that returns to watch Colin and Asher at the playground.

The person on the motorcycle, however, is much more of a mystery. It can't have been Faye, since Neil was away from the machine. If you picked a certain set of choices in the beginning of the game, Potato says that a woman in a brown dress helped get her bear from the water. So it was either her, or some other character that is a reference to another game. (I might have to play the game another time to find out)
Team Español / Re: Finding Paradise Translation Project
« Last post by EPM on Today at 02:24:46 PM »
Para participar en la misma hay que:
1. Entrar en este servidor de Discord:

2. Seguir estas instrucciones:
1. Please fill in the Google Form
    - Your real Name and Surname. Can be a nickname or false name, but it will be put in credits of the game. It's required to register you in the SmartCat.
    - Your valid Email Address (double check it)
    - Your Native Language you would like to translate FP into.
Do not worry, no one will see this information except administrator. This information is required for sending invitation to the project (see below).

2. You will receive an invitation to the smartCAT, the role @Translator and your language corresponding role. Also, you will have possibility to write in the corresponding channel in Languages category.
3. When you will have 3+ members for your language, you will have possibility to vote for one @Proofreader role at any time. (If you won't have enough members up to the finish line of your translation, you will receive Proofreader role).

3. Mientras esperas a que te den acceso para traducir, leer lo que se publica en los canales de Discord. Los más importantes para nuestro caso particular son #memento, #eva_smartcat_tips y #spanish.
Finding Paradise - Technical / Black bar on right side of the screen
« Last post by KatiePie on Today at 01:10:13 PM »
I'm not sure if it's because of the laptop I'm running the game on but there's a black bar on the right side of the screen that only goes away when I play in windowed mode and I don't really want to play the game in windowed mode :seraisweat:

My OS is Windows 10 and I was wondering if there was a fix for this error?
Finding Paradise - Technical / Finding Paradise - Bug
« Last post by senz on Today at 12:43:01 PM »

When I'm looking for Faye
I walked in and then walked out
finally……I can't move
and,auto Save...I can't continue

my english is bad…I hope you can understand

Team Française / Traduction de Finding Paradise
« Last post by killmehill on Today at 12:21:36 PM »
:deepstuff: Bonjour à tous  :deepstuff:

la traduction de Finding Paradise commence tout juste.
Vous pouvez suivre l'avancer du projet directement sur le fichier Google docs avec lequel nous travaillons à cette URL:

Vous avez la possibilité de laisser des commentaires sur le fichier si vous voyez des fautes où que vous avez des suggestions à apporter (clique doit sur une case -> insérer un commentaire).

Je mettrai d'avantage à jour ce Topic avec plus de détail sur l'avancement une fois que le projet aura correctement démarré. Par ailleurs, si jamais vous êtes motivés pour nous rejoindre, votre aide sera la bienvenue.

:music: Merci pour votre aide et votre soutien  :music:
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