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My personal thanks to the creators of this game

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Hi, this is my first post here. I've been a lurker for many days but today I finally decided to create an account to write this to Kan and everyone involved in the creation of To the Moon (Warning: wall of text incoming).

Thank you. Thank you a lot for creating this game. Thank you for giving us shuch a wonderful and meaningful experience. I'm primarily an FPS/RTS gamer, but always been interested in games like this. I bought TtM many months ago when it was on sale. I read the reviews, I knew I would like this game, but unfortunately never took the time to play it ... until a few days ago.

For the last 3 or 4 days, I would play this game after arriving home from work and before going to bed. Then I finally finished it. I must say I've never played a game that has made me cry this much, and that has had such a big impact on my life. Since I finished it, I've been thinking about this game every day. It's got a well-crafted and powerful story, which kept me wanting for more and made me rethink certain aspects of my life.

Many of the scenes touched me on a deep personal level. I've been in a relationship for more than 5 years now (hopefully will be getting married soon), so the story had many elements I could relate to. The strong bond between John and River, and true love between them, despite their communication problems, is something that really moved me. Among other things, it reminded me that big salaries, fancy things, and material things really mean nothing. The only important thing in life is the people you love and the moments you spend with them.

This game made me rethink and adjust the direction my life was taking. It's easy to focus on having the next high-end smartphone, traveling to expensive and luxurious places, and things like that, but we must not forget that this is all trash compared to the love for your significant other. In the end, when I look back at the 5+ years I've been with her, I don't want to remember the stuff we bought or where we were on our holidays. I want to remember every kiss, every hug, every smile, every "I love you" I said to her. These are things that no one will take away from me. Those memories will stay with me even after my death (if such thing as life after death exists), and keep me happy and fulfilled.

This story of John and River, and how they loved each other in spite of the difficulties, is truly inspiring. Especially the final wishes each one had for the other one. Their desire to reunite "at the moon" showed that all they wanted was to be together forever.

So, once again, thank you for this wonderful experience. It truly means a lot to me. It will always have a special place in my heart. I'll remember this wonderful story every time I find difficulties in my personal and love life, so that it reminds me the reason why I live: to love.

A big thank you from me to everyone involved in the creation of this game!  :plat:

P.D. I must confess I've already finished the holiday minisodes and A Bird Story (which were great also), so I'm really looking forward for Finding Paradise :)

Hey there, Origami  :seraismile: I'm just a forum lurker, and wasn't involved in TtM's development, but I think it's amazing that the game was able to really make you think about your life like that! I'm still a bit too young for it all to get me directly in such a way  :deepstuff: I've never even been in loveeee~

Hopefully Reives and the rest of the Freebirdia devs will see your message!

I feel the need to respond but can't think of anything to add... other than "your letter is very touching".

Your letter is very touching. ^_^

It is such a nice post you wrote. I was not involved in the creation of To The Moon, but it's still so sweet! I wonder when Reives will see this. Maybe he's busy at the moment or something.  :deepstuff:

Thank you guys for your kind words. I managed to convince my girlfriend to play this game. Unfortunately it didn't impact her the way it impacted me. It's not that she disliked it, but she didn't even cry a bit! :'( She hasn't played many games in her life so she was a bit confused by the controls and many other things that I never complained about.

Oh well, I guess this game isn't for everyone. It doesn't matter, I loved it and still get a smile (and sometimes wet eyes) when I think of this game.

Next challenge: convincing her to play the mini episodes and A Bird Story (in preparation for Finding Paradise of course!).


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