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As Squall posted in the chatbox this morning (I didn't even know about it myself, hahah), the UK Amazon page for the boxed version of To the Moon (published for retail by Lace Mamba) is now up. :)


Still a little iffy about the review scores tutting out at the bottom like that, but I really like the overall design. c: Hopefully it gets a North American release soon too.

Edit: Oh! I can actually show ya guys the inside/back from the design doc they sent. :D Here it is:

Spoiler: show

Woah, I love the box design! :vikonsmile:

I'm not sure about the whole "Kan R.Gao" without a space though.  :platquack:


--- Quote from: Tumbles on July 01, 2012, 10:45:53 PM ---I'm not sure about the whole "Kan R.Gao" without a space though.  :platquack:

--- End quote ---

Same here. I also don't like that the game features a platypus and yet it's never mentioned! I mean, come on, people! The tragic portrayal of that disgusting Australian mammal exemplifies River's unwanted uniqueness and Johnny's desire to be abnormal! Plus, it's hilarious!

I demand that the cover be replaced with a female platypus excreting mother's milk from the hollow shoots of hair on her tummy. It's only right.

Wait it comes with the soundtrack too?!?!?!?!

Also I love the I guess the music is nice part :P

Question Mark:
Well, since the word reviews are already included, I'd say drop the numerical views on the front page (just like in the picture). Makes it less cluttered when viewing. Conclusion: Yes to this version.

EDIT: Lace Mamba's site lists the developer as "Freebirdgame" lol


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