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Sheet Music - "For River"/To the Moon

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Finally got the pack done! :)


Johnny's Version (Courtesy of AthenaADP): http://www.mediafire.com/view/?8h8a3dk1zzdrar6

There's a normal version and an easy version, along with midi files for both. Feel free to post recordings if anyone makes one! c:


Synthesia videos posted by Paul L. that might help!:

Normal Version: http://youtu.be/09d8CjKVb9g

Easy Version: http://youtu.be/mkBCZ-az8kQ

--- Quote from: AthenaADP on May 04, 2012, 06:59:21 PM ---Hi, for those of you interested in playing For River - Johnny's Version, I've transcribed and uploaded sheet music for you here.

It's not an overly difficult piece, so even intermediate-beginner players should be able to handle it, I think.
However, I do recommend listening to it again from the soundtrack (or on Youtube) to get a feel for it. This is a very emotional piece, with many and subtle changes in both tempo and volume; the more obvious ones are marked in the sheets.
Anyway, enjoy!

--- End quote ---

Thank you!!! n_n

This is sweet! Thanks! *Downloads, then wishes it was written in a language I could understand*

Just Lance:
Oh Reives I love you *though doesn't understand a note*

Ooh, yay! Now I can get one of my friends to play it for me during our free time in Choir when school starts back up again! :P


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