About Us

The first project of Freebird Games was started over 6 years ago by Kan [Reives] Gao, to turn the script he had been working on into an audio and visual experience. The design philosophy was simple: to create a “game” that takes the player through a story in the form of an immersive interactive show.

Today, our projects cross a variety of genres. Our focus is to create a familiar yet alternative take to the classical RPG experience; from our narrative-focused “Quintessence – The Blighted Venom” to the obscure and interpretational “The Mirror Lied.” Presentation, music, and atmosphere are what we deliver.

As for tomorrow, we seek to make that sound less pretentious.

Team Members

  • Kan Gao [Reives]

    • Director & Designer
    • Composer
    • Illustrator
  • Jessica M. Vázquez [Arwym]

    • Site & Forum Technician
    • Beta Testing
  • James Q. Zhang

    • Composer [Retired]
  • Gabriela A. [Rayen]

    • Graphics / Spriter

Help and Other Original Content

  • Elle Lindgren

    • Graphics
  • J. Baer

    • Graphics
  • S. J. Flathers

    • Illustrations
  • Alisa Christopher

    • Graphics
  • L. Spencer Conrad

    • Graphics
    • Beta Testing
  • Laura Shigihara

    • Music Performance
  • Adam Mussell

    • Music Performance
  • Carlo Rey Gibas

    • Beta Testing
  • Abigail Haugen

    • Beta Testing
  • Ery Díaz

    • Beta Testing